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20 Breweries in Hawaii with Refreshing Hawaiian Beer

With just 8 small islands, Hawaii is surprisingly full of breweries! Hawaii has everything from microbreweries to large breweries that distribute internationally. This is the ultimate resource for everything you want know about Hawaiian beer. Whether you are traveling to Hawaii and want to do a brewery tour, or you're just craving some of that liquid aloha spirit on the mainland, you are in the right place. Here is an extensive list of breweries in Hawaii that brew beer. For your convenience, feel free to use the links below to jump down to a brewery that interests you. Breweries on the Big Island of Hawaii Stretching from coast to coast, there are five breweries on the Big Island of Hawaii. Big Island Brewhaus Hilo Brewing Company Ola Brew Company Paradise Brewing Company Kona Brewing Company Breweries in Maui Maui currently has four unique breweries. Both Maui Brewing Co. and Waikiki Brewing Company have two locations on the island. Maui Brewing Co . Kohola Brewery Waikiki Brewin

Beerlao — Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Best Beer in Laos

One cannot travel through Laos without being exposed to Beerlao. Signs, tablecloths, and of course ample amounts of Beerlao beer can be found in pretty much every corner of the country. In my personal experience, I had my first taste of Beerlao even before I got into the country while I was still on my Lao Airlines flight into Luang Prabang. That was the first of many Beerlao to come over the course of the next month that I spend in Laos. As essentially the official beer of the country since the Laos government holds a 50% stake in the company, Beerlao is cheap and readily available. In this blog post, you'll learn a bit more about the Beerlao brand as well as Lao Brewery Company who makes this and other varieties of beer. Beerlao Brands In addition to their flagship beer, Lao Brewery Co, abbreviated LBC, has a lineup of six other beer varieties. In order of their release date, here is a list of all Beerlao beer brands along with their alcohol content. Beerlao : introduced in 1973,

11 Vietnamese Beer Brands (that are actually brewed in Vietnam)

After traveling to Vietnam in 2019, I was surprised at the numerous Vietnamese beer choices across the country. While some are available internationally, you can only get others in the country. In no particular order, here is a list of Vietnam beer brands. 1. Saigon Beer Saigon Beer (also called Bia Saigon) is considered to be Vietnam's most popular beer. Bia Saigon is brewed by Sabeco which is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City. As you might expect, this lager beer is brewed with water, barley, malt, and hops. The ABV content of Bia Saigon is 4.9%. In addition to the flagship lager, Bia Saigon also has the following lager varieties: Bia Saigon Special : a 100% malt beer with 4.9% ABV Bia Saigon Export : a classic Saigonese lager with 4.9% ABV Bia Saigon Chill : a cold filtered lager with 4.6% ABV 2. 333 Export In addition to Bia Saigon, Sabeco also brews the popular 333. According to Sabeco's website: 333 canned beer is the bestselling Vietnamese beer

89 Gluten Free Beers — The Ultimate Gluten Free Beer List in 2021

For all of you with a gluten free diet, this gluten free beer list is your ultimate guide to finding your favorite beer that you can drink without all those nasty side effects. While some beers are truly gluten free, others are considered gluten reduced. Depending on your gluten intolerance, you certainly have the option to go completely gluten free when it comes to beer. Here is a list of 101 gluten free and gluten reduced beers (in no particular order) that you should try. Bard's Gluten Free Beer Bard's Tale Beer Company | Edina, Minnesota | With sorghum, Bard's brews a tasty gluten free malt beer. Founders Craig Belser and Kevin Seplowitz both suffer from Celiac disease, so they decided to create a gluten free beer for themselves—and everyone else—to enjoy. 1. Bard's Beer Bard's beer is the self-proclaimed "Original Sorghum Malt Beer". Some have compared the taste of Bard's to lighter mainstream brews such as Coors, Mille