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10 Fantastic Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol for Good

1. Drinking is Expensive Alcohol is expensive and can set you back hundred or thousands of dollars every year. Even if you avoid expensive drinks at bars and restaurants, you can still end up spending loads of money at a grocery or liquor store. This money is much better spent on improving or maintaining your health. 2. You Sleep Better Sober Drinking before bed messes up your sleep. Alcohol prevents you from getting a good night's sleep by disrupting your REM sleep cycles. This results in feelings of sluggishness the next day. Additionally, alcohol consumption may cause you to get up frequently during the night to urinate which further disrupts your sleep. 3. Alcohol Dehydrates Your Body Because alcohol is a diuretic, drinking alcohol will increase urine output. This has the possibility to interfere with normal hydration. Consequences of dehydration include thirst and feeling hungover.  4. Liver Damage from Alcohol The liver is the organ that metabolizes alcohol. The liver can onl