About Tony

Tony at Oktoberfest in Germany

Hi, I'm Tony!

I don't have any ties to the beer industry, nor do I even consider myself a big beer drinker. Anymore at least... my past college self might have said otherwise.

During and just after college, my biology friend and I brewed a few batches of homebrew beer. Despite our diligence, none of it turned out any good.

Another failed homebrew attempt 😢

Other than having a pint glass collection that numbered well over 50 at one point, I'm just your average guy who enjoys a cold brew every now and then.

Perhaps my subtle interest in beer stems from the fact that my father, grandfather, and great grandfather are all from Pottsville, PA which is the home of America's oldest brewery—Yuengling.

In fact, my dad grew up just a mile from the Yuengling Brewery and my great grandfather lived just 5 blocks away. I've done the brewery tour there countless time, and partake in Yuengling's annual 5k race.

But still, why start a beer blog?

The Origin of Beerible

Truthfully, I originally wrote most of Beerible's Yuengling blog posts on my personal website back in March 2019 with the sole intention of trying to get them to rank on search engines.

After a few years, I quite frankly considered myself to be successful having seen an increase in traffic to these pages during that time.

Beer blog posts traffic increase graph
Over time, the number of visitors to my beer-related blog posts increased.

By no means was I making a living off of this. In fact at its peak, I was making just $7/month from displaying ads on these posts about beer.

The problem was that these articles about beer had no place on my personal website. So I decided to create Beerible and move them here.

Now with Beerible, I have a place where I can freely blog about beer. Whether that's writing about a brewery tour that I go on, or who knows, maybe I'll try to brew beer again and I can write about that. I always did have this daydream of opening my own brewery one day...



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