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What is a Sour Beer?

Learn about sours including if they are actually beer, the different types, and examples of sour beer. What is Sour Beer? Sour beer is beer which has an acidic and/or tart taste. While sanitization is prioritized when brewing traditional beer, sours are often brewed in environments that intentionally allow wild yeast or bacteria into the brew. By introducing this acid-producing bacteria and other ingredients like fruit to the wort before and during fermentation, brewers are able to achieve a desired level of tartness. Is Sour Beer Actually Beer? Yes. Sours are indeed consider beer. Just like IPA and porter are types of beer, sour is also a type of beer. While sours follow a similar brewing process as traditional beer, the main difference is usually found in the fermentation process. Example of a Sour Beer An example of a sour beer is Flanders Red from Destihl Brewery. This 5.9% ABV is a sour ale that tastes like tart cherry candy. As part of their Wild Sour series, Destihl Brewery also