20 Breweries in Hawaii with Refreshing Hawaiian Beer

Hawaiian beer

With just 8 small islands, Hawaii is surprisingly full of breweries! Hawaii has everything from microbreweries to large breweries that distribute internationally.

This is the ultimate resource for everything you want know about Hawaiian beer. Whether you are traveling to Hawaii and want to do a brewery tour, or you're just craving some of that liquid aloha spirit on the mainland, you are in the right place.

Here is an extensive list of breweries in Hawaii that brew beer. For your convenience, feel free to use the links below to jump down to a brewery that interests you.

Breweries on the Big Island of Hawaii

Stretching from coast to coast, there are five breweries on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Breweries in Maui

Maui currently has four unique breweries. Both Maui Brewing Co. and Waikiki Brewing Company have two locations on the island.

If you want to see all of them, Maui Brewery Tours has lunch and dinner tours with transportation to each as part of a 5+ hour tasting.

Breweries in Honolulu

Honolulu has by far the most breweries of any location in Hawaii.

Breweries in Oahu

Outside of Honolulu, the island of Oahu has a few other breweries with most located in Kailua.

Breweries in Kauai

The one and only brewery on the island of Kauai.

1. Maui Brewing Company

Seeing a hole in the craft beer market on the island after visiting, Garrett Marrero decided to fill that void and opened Maui Brewing Company in January 2005.

Today, Maui Brewing Company has four restaurants: two on Maui (Kihei and Lahaina) and two on Oahu (Waikiki and Kailua). Brewery tours and tastings are available at the Kihei location starting at $15 per person.

Maui Brewing Co brews eight year round beers.

  • Bikini Blonde Lager: helles lager with 4.8% ABV
  • Big Swell IPA: dry-hopped IPA with 6.8% ABV
  • Pineapple Mana Wheat: tropical wheat beer with 5.5% ABV
  • Coconut Hiwa Porter: dark ale with 6% ABV
  • Mosaic Mo'Betta Double IPA: imperial IPA with 8% ABV
  • Pau Hana Pilsner: European pilsner with 5.2% ABV
  • Sunshine Girl Golden Ale: golden ale with 4.6% ABV
  • Pueo Pale Ale: Hawaiian style pale ale with 5.6% ABV
According to their website, Maui Brewing distributes to 20 US states plus D.C. and internationally to Canada and Japan.

2. Big Island Brewhaus

Big Island Brewhaus and brewery was founded in 2011 by Thomas Kerns. The brewpub is located on the Big Island of Hawaii in Waimea/Kamuela. 

The following 7 Big Island Brewhaus beers are available in bottles.

  • Overboard IPA: India pale ale with 6.9% ABV
  • Golden Sabbath: belgian style abbey ale with 8.5% ABV
  • White Mountain Porter: robust porter with 5.8% ABV
  • Graham's Pilsner: Czech style pilsner with 5.6% ABV
  • Vivo: Italian style pils with 5.5% ABV
  • Red Giant: red IPA with 6.8% ABV
  • Dark Sabbath: belgian style dark abbey with 9.5% ABV
In addition, Big Island Brewhaus makes some high alcohol content brews including Red Sea of Cacao, Odin's Sword with 8.6% ABV as well as Tall, Dark, and Mandarin with 9% ABV.

Beer is available on tap and select varieties are available in bottles at the brewhaus as well as in some local grocery stores, restaurants, and resorts.

3. Aloha Beer Company

Aloha Beer Company was established in 2016 in Honolulu, HI. The brewery is located in the Kaka'ako neighborhood of Honolulu. Aloha Beer also has a location in downtown Honolulu and another expected to open in the heart of Waikiki in winter 2021.

At the time of this writing, Aloha Beer has a dozen beers that they make.

  • Queen St. Pils: German style lager with 5.2% ABV
  • Waimanalo Farmhouse Ale: farmhouse ale with 5.4% ABV
  • Hop Lei IPA: west coast IPA with 6.4% ABV
  • Aloha Blonde: blonde ale with 4.8% ABV
  • Red Zeppelin: red-hued beer with 6.8% ABV
  • Jefe Weizen: hefeweizen with 5.7% ABV
  • Portlock Porter: dark porter with 5.8% ABV
  • Froot Lupes: IPA with 7.3% ABV
  • Black Pils: black German lager with 5.5% ABV

Aloha Beer is served on tap at select restaurants and resorts on Oahu, Kauai, and The Big Island of Hawaii.

4. Waikiki Brewing Company

Waikiki Brewing Company opened its first location in 2015. Today, they have two locations in Honolulu (Waikiki and Kakaako) and two locations in Maui (Lahaina and South Side).

As of now, Waikiki Brewing Company has 9 beers that they brew.

  • Aloha Spirit Blonde Ale: light ale with 4.6% ABV
  • Skinny Jeans IPA: tropical IPA with 6% ABV
  • Craft Light Lager: light lager with 4% ABV
  • Hana Hou Hefe: crisp hefe with 5.8% ABV
  • Jalapeno Mouth: mild spice amber ale with 5.5% ABV
  • Black Strap Molasses Porter: porter with 6.5% ABV
  • Eee Pah IPA: hoppy IPA with 7.2% ABV
  • 808 Pale Ale: pale ale with 6.2% ABV
  • English Brown Ale: brown ale with 5.1% ABV
All beer is available on draft at all locations, but only the first six are available in cans throughout the state of Hawaii and parts of Guam.

5. Kona Brewing Company

Probably one of the oldest and most recognized Hawaiian beer brands on this list, this wasn't always the case for Kona Brewing Company. Founded in 1994 by Cameron Healy and his son Spoon Khalsa, the first brewery was opened in Kailua-Kona on The Big Island. Kona also has another brewery in Hawaii Kai on Oahu.

Today, all the Kona beer that is distributed in the mainland US is produced in Oregon, New Hampshire, and Colorado.  

The follow Kona beer is available year-round throughout the 50 United States and is exported to some 30 international countries including Canada, Japan, Brazil and Australia.

  • Big Wave Golden Ale: island ale with 4.4% ABV
  • Longboard Island Lager: island lager with 4.6% ABV
  • Kona Light Blonde Ale: blonde ale with 4.2% ABV
  • Gold Cliff IPA: IPA with 7.2% ABV
  • Hanalei Island IPA: light IPA with 4.5% ABV
  • Mai Time Light: tropical wheat with 4% ABV

These limited releases are only available in select locations.

  • Fire Rock Pale Ale: pale ale with 5.8% ABV
  • Castaway IPA: bold IPA with 6% ABV

Kona also sells variety packs called Island Hopper in bottles and Wave Rider in cans.

6. Hilo Brewing Company

Hilo Brewing Company was founded in 2018 in none other than Hilo, HI on the Big Island. The brewery has a tasting room and is open to the public.

These four year-round brews are available in cans and kegs.

  • Humpback Island Lager: lager with 4.2% ABV
  • Volcano Red Ale: red ale with 5.2% ABV
  • Mauna Kea Pale Ale: pale ale with 5.4% ABV
  • Tsunami IPA: Hawaiian style IPA with 7.2% ABV

These two beers are only available in kegs and growlers.

  • Hilo Golden Ale: island style golden ale with 4.9% ABV
  • Hawaiian Crow Porter: full-bodied porter with 6% ABV
Hilo Brewing Company distributes its beer throughout the state of Hawaii.

7. Ola Brew Co.

By using the freshest local Hawaiian ingredients, Ola Brew works closely with local farms. Ola Brew has its brewery and taproom in Kailua-Kona and another taproom in Hilo, both on the Big Island.

At this time, Ola has three flagship beers and one cider.

  • Ola Brew IPA: west coast IPA with 6.5% ABV
  • Ma'a Island Lager: island lager with 5.1% ABV
  • Da Hazy Light: session IPA with 4.2% ABV
  • Kona Gold: pineapple hard cider with 6% ABV
While Ola Brew also makes hard seltzer which is available in select Whole Foods on the mainland, their beer is only available in Hawaii.

8. Honolulu Beerkworks

Honolulu Beerkworks was founded in 2014 by Geoff Seideman and his wife Charmayne. The brewery and pub is located in Honolulu in the Kaka'ako neighborhood.

 In addition to other craft beer limited releases, Honolulu Beerkworks has the following core styles.

  • Kewalo’s Cream Ale: light ale with 5% ABV
  • Pussy Grabs Back Extra Pale Ale: extra pale ale with 6% ABV
  • Pia Mahiʻai Honey Citrus Saison: Belgian farmhouse ale with 5.6% ABV
  • Hop Island IPA (HI-PA): light bodied IPA with 7.5% ABV
  • El Guapo Golden Ale: golden ale with 5.8% ABV
  • Sheltered Bay IPA: Pacific Northwest style IPA with 6.3% ABV
  • Cocoweizen: Hefeweizen with 5.5% ABV
  • Makakilo Brown Ale: American brown ale with 6% ABV
  • South Shore Stout: American stout with 5.8% ABV
  • Parking Tickets Red Ale: red ale with 5.1% ABV
  • Point Panic Pale Ale: smooth pale ale with 5.3% ABV

At this time, Honolulu Beerworks beer is distributed throughout Hawaii in cans and kegs.

9. Kauai Island Brewing Company

Claiming to be the world's westernmost brewery, Kauai Island Brewing Company is located in Port Allen which is in Eleele, HI.

At the time of this writing, these are the beers that Kauai Island Brewing is making.

  • Cane Fire Red: full bodied ale with 6.3% ABV
  • West Side Wheat: American style wheat beer with 5.1% ABV
  • Captain Cook’s IPA: IPA with 6.5% ABV
  • Wai’ale’ale Golden Ale: golden ale with 5.2% ABV
  • Leilani Light: light golden ale with 5% ABV
  • Lilikoi Ale: light golden ale with 5% ABV
  • Napali Pale Ale: American pale ale with 5.4% ABV
  • Pakala Porter: full bodied porter with 5.5% ABV

This microbrewery only distributes locally around the island of Kaua'i.

10. Beer Lab HI

Beer Lab HI is a bit different than the other breweries on this list. Founded in 2015, Beer Lab HI is a small batch experimentation brewery that doesn't have a flagship beer or regular lineup. Instead, this brewery is constantly trying new recipes which makes every visit unique.

In addition to Kombucha, Beer Lab HI has a variety of new beer available on tap as well as cans available for purchase or pickup.

Beer Lab HI has three locations on Oahu including Waipio, Pearlridge, and Honolulu.

11. Hana Koa Brewing Co.

Hana Koa Brewing Co. is a relatively new brewery having opened its doors in 2019 by owners Josh and Chrissie Kopp. The brewery and restaurant is located in Honolulu.

With at least 17 varieties available on tap, Hana Koa cans the vast majority of their beer which are available in 4 packs from the brewery. Here is an non-exhaustive list.

  • Disco Juice: saison with 5%ABV
  • Basic Witch: pumpkin spiced golden ale with 7%ABV
  • The Foundling: Munich style lager with 5.6%ABV
  • Infinite Space: dark lager with 5.4%ABV
  • Surf Pup: grapefruit gose with 5.2%ABV
  • Random Dance Party: hazy pale ale with 4.6%ABV
  • Rooftop: pale ale with 5.2%ABV
  • The Longest Wave: hazy IPA with 6.2%ABV
  • Wyle Style: hazy IPA with 6.4%ABV
  • Chee Hoo Chongers: hazy IPA with 6.5%ABV
  • Lil Koi and The Revision Bunch: lilikoi puree infused IPA with 6.5%ABV
  • Amplified Overdrive: west coast IPA with 7%ABV

At this time Hana Koa beer is only available in Oahu.

12. Lokahi Brewing

The newest brewery in Hawaii on this list is most definitely Lokahi Brewing in Honolulu. Having just opened its doors in May 2021, this brewery doesn't even have a website yet.

According to their Instagram, Lokahi has eight beer varieties on tap.

  • Tropical Lager: mango lager with 4.9% ABV
  • Holo Holo Hefeweizen: hefeweizen with 4.9% ABV
  • Honolulu Haze: hazy IPA with 6.3% ABV
  • Honey Macadamia Nut Brown: brown ale with 6.5% ABV
  • Summer Saison: saison with 6.3% ABV
  • Boone's Black IPA: black IPA with 5.8% ABV
  • Full Send IPA: IPA with 7.1% ABV
  • Oktoberfest: Oktoberfest style beer with 6% ABV

Since they are such a new brewery, Lokahi does not have any type of distribution in place at this time.

13. Olomana Brewing Co

Located in Kailua on Oahu, Olomana is another small brewery without a website at this time. This nanobrewery actually shares space with Three Peaks which itself has a selection of draught beer, cider, and kombucha from breweries around Hawaii.

Some brews available on tap and in cans include:

  • Erin’s Harp: Irisha red ale with 5.5% ABV
  • Broken Boundary: pilsner with 4.8% ABV
Olomana beer is only available at Three Peaks as of the time of this writing.

14. Lanikai Brewing Company

Opening in 2015, Lanikai Brewing Company brews all of its beer with local ingredients. Both the production facility and the tasting room are located in Kailua. A North Shore Oahu location is in the works.

Year round flagship beer from Lanikai includes:

  • Moku Imperial IPA: IPA with 8.1% ABV
  • Pillbox Porter: porter with 6.5% ABV
  • Route 70 Saison: saison with 7% ABV
Lanikai distributes throughout Hawaii right now and has plans to export to the Pacific Northwest, Australia, and Japan.

15. INU Island Ales

Keaka Eckart founded Inu Island Ales in 2017. Inu means "to drink" in Hawaiian. The brewery is located in Kaneohe on Oahu.

Here is a selection of Inu Island beer available on taps and by the growler.

  • Takes 2 To Mango: soule ale with 6.5% ABV
  • Oh Pumpkin, My Pumpkin: pumpkin stout with 14% ABV
  • Oktoberfest in Paradise: Märzen lager with 5.4% ABV
  • The Currant Situation: island gose black with 6.5% ABV
  • Castles Made of Oats: double IPA with 8.5% ABV
  • Crispy McGiggles: Danish lager with 5% ABV
  • Imbedded Roots: imperial stout with 14% ABV
Inu Island Ales beer are only available to buy on Oahu.

16. Broken Boundary Brewery

Located in Honolulu, Broken Boundary Brewery is a brewpub that was founded in 1994 by Dave Campbell, now owned by Bill Sumrow.

Their beer menu includes:

  • Lolly and the Popsicles: American IPA with 5.7% ABV
  • Hella Telenovella: Vienna lager with 5.6% ABV
  • Candied Blonde: Belgian blonde with 6.9% ABV
  • Dancing with Miranda: American IPA with 5.8% ABV
  • Pastime: American pale ale with 5.2% ABV
  • Order of Magnitude: American IPA with 6.6% ABV
  • Bittersweet Zymurgy: extra special strong bitter with 5% ABV
Beer is available at the brewpub on draught and in crowlers to go.

17. Kohola Brewery

Award winning Kohola Brewery was founded in 2016 in Lahaina, Maui. Known for their clean lagers and ales, most of their beer is made with the four basic ingredients of barley, hops, water, and yeast.

In addition to Pineapple Blonde, a draught-only American pale ale with 6.8% ABV, Kohola has five varieties of canned beer.

  • The Water Man IPA: American pale ale with 6.8% ABV
  • Talk Story: American pale ale with 5.1% ABV
  • Red Sand: American amber red with 5.5% ABV
  • Lahaina Haze: New England pale ale with 6.3% ABV
  • Lokahi Pilsner: German style pilsner with 5.5% ABV

Kohola beer is available on draft and in cans throughout the state of Hawaii.

18. Stewbum & Stonewall Brewing Co.

With a beginning as a Kickstarter campaign in 2014, Stewbum and Stonewall Brewing Company opened its first location a year later in Kāne'ohe, HI. Today, the brewery is much bigger and located in Honolulu.

In addition to selling other Hawaiian beer, Stewbum and Stonewall have a small variety of their own.

  • Batch 518: American pale ale with 5.18% ABV
  • Hello Yellow: blonde ale with 5.2% ABV
  • Whoopsiedackel: German festbier with 4.7% ABV

You can only get beer directly from the brewery.

19. Paradise Brewing Company

The Paradise Brewing Company was founded in 2014 in Kailua-Kona.

To supplement the very small selection of its own beer, Paradise Brewing serves other Hawaiian beer at their restaurant.

  • Pali Uli: golden ale with 4.9% ABV
Beer from Paradise Brewing is only available at the brewpub in Kailua-Kona.

20. Mahalo Aleworks

With a continuously rotating selection of beer made from local Hawaiian ingredients, Mahalo Aleworks actually uses wild Maui yeast from the slopes of the Haleakalā volcano in Maui. Because it's an aleworks, Mahalo specializes in ale and does not brew lager. The brewery is 100% powered by solar. 

Located at 1,800 feet in Makawao on the island of Maui, Mahalo Aleworks has a taproom and brewery where tours are available.

At this time, Mahalo Aleworks does not distribute its beer outside of the brewery since it just opened in 2021.

Is there another brewery in Hawaii that I missed? Let me know.

Also, what is your favorite Hawaiian beer? Call me basic, but I'm a big fan of Kona's Longboard.

Ke aloha!

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